of the

Boston Newspaper Printing

Pressmen’s Union Local No. 3

Graphic Communications Conference

of the

International Brotherhood of Teamsters

As amended 2010


Sec. 1. The regular monthly stated meetings of the Union shall be held on the second

(2nd) Wednesday evening of each month. The hours of the meeting shall be from 7 p.m.

to 10 p.m. The membership may at the June meeting suspend the regular Union meeting

for the months of July and August.

Sec. 2. At the hour of the meeting, if a quorum be present, the President shall call the

meeting to order. Twenty-five (25) members shall constitute a quorum.

Sec. 3. Special meetings of the Union may be held when necessary. It shall require the

written request of thirty (30) members in good standing. It shall be obligatory upon the

part of the President to call such a special meeting, in a timely fashion, upon the receipt

of a written request signed by thirty (30) members.

Sec. 4. The President shall be authorized to call a special meeting at any time for the

good and welfare of the Union.

Sec. 5. In all cases when a special meeting has been called, the purpose of this meeting

must be specified in the call. It shall not be legal to transact, at a special meeting, any

other business other than stated in the call.


Nomination and Election of Officers

Sec. 1. Effective with the local election held in 2010 and thereafter, all nominations for

office of this Local Union shall be made at the October meeting of the Union.

All nominations must be duly made and seconded; the election shall be by ballot and held

on the Monday preceding the second (2nd) Wednesday in December.

Sec. 2. Effective with the local election held in 2010 and thereafter, a written acceptance

of all nominees must be in the hands of the Secretary-Treasurer at 6 p.m. the first (1st)

Wednesday of November, at which time the Board of Trustees’ meeting will be held to

accept nominations.

No member shall be nominated for any office who is not actually employed as a pressman

in the pressroom coming under the jurisdiction of this Local Union for a period of

five (5) months preceding the date of nomination. Members in service to the AFL-CIO or

to the International Union shall be exempt from this requirement.

Sec. 3. No member shall be nominated for any office who is not a member in good financial

standing in this Local and the International Union at the time of nomination.

Sec. 4. In no case shall names be written in or placed thereon by stickers, except where

there are no candidates for such office.

Sec. 5. In case of any unforeseen emergency, which may delay the installation of

regularly elected officers, the incumbent of such office shall continue therein until his/her

successor has been duly installed.

Sec. 6. The President shall appoint one Judge and two Tellers as Inspectors of Election

who shall receive the ballots and distribute them to such members as are entitled to vote.

Sec. 7. Each candidate for office shall be allowed two representatives, one of whom shall,

alternately, be allowed in the polling place. Nobody but the Election Inspectors and the

representatives for the respective candidates will be allowed in the polling place, except

members while they are voting. In tabulating the vote, the ballots must be in full view of

the candidates’ representatives, so they can read how the ballots are marked. If a candidate

fails to name a representative, he/she may act as his own representative only during

the tabulating of the votes.

Sec. 8. The Secretary-Treasurer shall provide for the printing of official and sample

ballots. The sample ballots to be of a different color than the official ballot.

Sec. 9. The names of the candidates for the several offices shall be printed on the ballots

alphabetically, and incumbents shall be noted as such.

A voter information sheet shall be sent with each ballot giving the status of each

candidate i.e. member in good standing, regular Union meetings attended during the

previous twenty four (24) months, and where employed.

The two (2) At-large representatives on the Board of Trustees will be determined by the

highest vote received of all Journey Pressmen candidates after the individual representative

slots are filled.

For all other offices, the candidate receiving a plurality of the votes cast shall be declared

the winner.

Sec. 10. No official or member of the Local shall receive or have access to any of the

official ballots prior to the election, except the Secretary-Treasurer.

Sec. 11. No one but a member in good standing shall receive a ballot. No member shall

receive more than one (1) official ballot, except where a ballot has been defaced and

thereby rendered void. Official ballots will be supplied to the members only at their home.

Sec. 12. The Election Inspectors shall, immediately after the closing of the polls, notify

the President of the number of ballots mailed, and shall show the list of voted members to

the President before counting or opening any of the ballots. Such information shall be

given to all candidates whose names appear on the ballots, or to the members acting for

them as representatives.

Sec. 13. Any member of the Local who shall be found guilty of illegally voting, or who

shall allow any other person to vote in his stead, having knowledge of the fact, if found

guilty shall be punished according tot he International Law.

Sec. 14. Only members who are in good standing seventy-two (72) hours prior to the

mailing of ballots shall be allowed to vote. The Secretary-Treasurer shall prepare a

printed list of members entitled to vote and supply the Election Inspectors with copies.

Sec. 15. After the ballots have been canvassed and all the tally of votes completed, the

Election Inspectors shall examine each and every tally sheet and see that the totals are

correctly recorded, make a written report in duplicate, one copy to the President and one

copy to the Secretary-Treasurer.

Effective with the local election held in 2010 and thereafter, the Election Inspectors shall

make their report on the election at our regular Union meeting on the second (2nd)

Wednesday in December. The report shall contain the following information:

a. The total number of ballots, and void ballots contained in the possession of the Board of Inspectors.

b. The total number of votes each candidate received.

Sec. 16. All special elections shall be governed by the same laws that govern regular


Sec. 17. Not less than fifteen (15) days prior to the election, notice thereof shall be mailed

to each member at his last known home address.

Sec. 18. The President shall preserve for one (1) year, the ballots and all other records

pertaining to the election.


Sec. 1. These By-Laws may be altered, amended, or repealed by a vote of two-thirds of

the members present and voting at a stated or special meeting of the Union: Provided that

notice of the amendment or alteration be given in writing at the previous stated meeting

and posted at least two (2) weeks previous in the various Chapels.


Traveling Cards

Sec. 1. When a Journeyman Pressman or Paperhandler has deposited their Traveling Card

to the Secretary-Treasurer, the President/ Business Representative and the entire Board of

Trustees shall investigate such card prior to a working permit being issued

After the completed investigation and working permit being issued, the President/

Business Representative shall assign such member to a chapel for work.


Duties of Chapel Chairmen

Sec. 1. The Chairman of a Chapel shall be the direct representative of the Union in said

chapel, and shall see that all the laws of the Union are observed by the members.

Sec. 2. The Chairman shall keep a memorandum book in which he shall enter the names

of the members, and the number of days they work each week.

Sec. 3. The Chairman shall make a written report at each regular Union meeting of the

conditions of his Chapel.

Sec. 4. A Chapel may have the power to elect a collector of all monies due the Union,

other than the Chairman if they so desire.

Sec. 5. All Chairmen or Collectors shall be bonded for the sum of five-hundred (500) dol19

lars. The cost of said bond to be paid by the Union.

Sec. 6. The Chairman shall decide all disagreements or disputes between the members of

his Chapel, when appealed to, and such decisions shall be binding until reversed by the

Board of Trustees of the Union.

Sec. 7. The Chairman shall decide all matters of dispute between the Foreman and the

members. The Chairman shall call on the President of the Union at all times to assist him;

also the Board of Trustees when he/she feels that it is necessary.

Sec. 8. An appeal from the decision of the Chairman of a Chapel to the Foreman shall not

be permitted under any circumstances. Any member who violates the provision of this

section shall be punished by a fine of not more than fifty (50) dollars or by expulsion.

Sec. 9. The Chapel Chairman must report all members sick or injured to the Secretary-


Sec. 10. The Chairman must post the list of all delinquent members on the Chapel

bulletin board each month. For failure to do so he/she shall be fined twenty-five (25)


Sec. 11. When a Chairman of a chapel is discharged, just cause must be shown for such

dismissal at the request of the Board of Trustees of the Union.


Sec. 1. All special Union committees shall report in writing, at the next stated meeting,

unless otherwise ordered by the Union.


Sec. 1. Any member attempting to obtain the situation held by another member of this

Union by unfair reports or misrepresentation, shall be deemed guilty of a violation of his

obligation to this Union and be subject to charges and placed on trial according to the

Constitution and By-Laws.

Sec. 2. Any member who shall reveal to any person, not a member of this Union, any

business transacted in meetings, committee, or conference, shall be tried for violating the

Constitution and their solemn obligation, which they took before admission to membership.

Sec. 3. When a Foreman employs a non-Union man in preference to a Union man,

charges shall be preferred against said Foreman, and if found guilty shall be fined fifty

(50) dollars for the first offense and one hundred (100) dollars for each subsequent

offense, together with the cost of trial.

Sec. 4. Any member withholding information affecting the good and welfare of the

Union from any officer, Chairman, or committee, when they request such information,

shall be guilty of contempt, and shall be disciplined in such manner as the Union may



Sec. 1. Any member of this Union who works at the business while on paid vacation shall

be fined a double day’s pay for each day worked.


Sec. 1. Members shall not, under any circumstances, participate in a strike, unless such

strike has been ordered by a two-thirds vote, of the members present at a meeting, and

then only after such strike has been sanctioned, in writing, by the Board of Directors of

the International Union.

Sec. 2. A strike vote shall be taken by secret ballot, and only after the entire membership

has been notified that a strike vote will be taken. Said notification shall be in writing, and

at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to such meeting.

Sec. 3. In the event of a strike or lock-out of this Local Union, the President shall appoint

a committee, whose duty shall be to assign members for picketing service. Members

failing to picket when so assigned, and failing to present a reasonable excuse for his

absence, shall be subject to disciplinary action under Article VII of the Constitution.


Sec. 1. This Local is a Participating Local in the Inter-Local Pension Fund and shall take

such action with respect to the Fund as may be required under the Inter-Local Pension

Fund Trust Indenture and the rules and procedures adopted by the Trustees of the Inter-

Local Pension Fund

Sec. 2. As a condition of membership in this Local Union, all members are required to

become and remain participants in the Inter-Local Pension Fund of the Graphic

Communications International Union in accordance with the provisions of the Trust

Indenture of the Inter-Local Pension Fund, and to execute and deliver any forms or other

documents which may be required to make such participation effective.


Participants in the Defense Fund shall pay $5.00 per member per month.

In the event of a strike our lockout each member shall receive $100.00 per week

depending on the balance in their individual account.

The total contribution, less any part used in the event of a strike or lockout, will be

returned to each member upon reaching the age of 60, when taking a traveling or withdrawal

card, or upon retirement. In the event of death, a member’s contribution shall be

paid to a designated beneficiary.

Interest monies from the defense fund shall be used to pay all scale and legal expenses.

The membership may authorize the use of interest monies for other specific and itemized




Sec. 1. In the event of the death of a member in good standing whose name has been on

the Union membership roll for one (1) year and less than two (2) years, the Union shall

pay the sum of three hundred (300) dollars; for two (2) years and less than three (3)

years: four hundred-fifty (450) dollars; for three (3) years and less than four (4) years: six

hundred (600) dollars; for four (4) years and over: eight hundred (800) dollars; and all

who were on the membership roll of the Union, November 17, 1931, shall receive full


Sec. 2. Every member shall be required to fill out a blank, furnished by the Union, stating

who his/her beneficiary is in the event of the member’s death.

Sec. 3. In the case of no named beneficiary living, and the Union feels, in their judgment,

that no one is entitled to the death benefit, the Union shall pay the death benefit to the

Estate of the deceased member.

Sec. 4. The Union shall furnish one automobile, and flowers, to be paid for out of this


Sec. 5. An assessment of $2.25 shall be levied on each death. All new members after a

membership of one (1) year shall pay this assessment.

Sec. 6. Pensioned members shall be exempt from paying this assessment, excepting

pensioned members who have worked during the month in which the death occurs.

Sec. 7. This assessment must be paid within ten (10) days after the notice of the death of

a member is posted on the Chapel bulletin board.

Sec. 8. The Death Fund shall not be abolished as long as seven (7) members in good

standing vote to retain it.

Sec. 9. The President/Business Representative, along with the Secretary-Treasurer, shall

administer the Death Fund.

Sec. 10. Members who have paid the death assessment for five (5) years or more and become

pensioned members, their beneficiary shall be paid eight hundred (800) dollars.

Sec. 11. Payment by such former members of all death assessments levied within thirty

(30) days after being notified by the Secretary-Treasurer, will enable their beneficiaries to

the usual death benefit paid by this Local Union to its active members, provided,

however, that at the time of death, such beneficiary member shall not be indebted for

death assessments to this Local Union a sum exceeding five (5) dollars.

Sec. 12. At the next regular meeting of the Union, following the death of a member, it

shall be the duty of the Presiding Officer to officially announce the death of said member,

after reading and adoption of the minutes of the previous meeting, the members shall rise

and stand in silence for a period of one minute, following which, the President shall order

the Charter on the Union draped for thirty (30) days and the Secretary-Treasurer shall

send an official letter of condolence to the family of the deceased.


Sec. 1. No member shall be compelled to do work not pertaining to press work; nor can a

member be disciplined for refusing to do same.

Sec. 2. Any member working in a non Union newspaper, other than in an approved

organizing effort shall be fined twenty-five (25) dollars for each and every offense.

Members shall make every effort to avoid patronizing companies, products, and

establishments, etc. that are unfair to Labor and take special notice of the “UNFAIR TO

LABOR LIST” put out by the AFL-CIO. Furthermore, members should make every

effort to purchase “Union Made” products.

Adherence to these policies will enable us to contribute to the solidarity of the Labor


Sec. 3. A Foreman shall not suspend or discharge any member in his employ without a

good and sufficient reason. Any member, who feels that they have been unjustly discriminated

against, may prefer charges against the foreman to his/her Union within ten

(10) days.

Sec. 4. A regular situation holder in one office cannot accept casual employment in

another, to the detriment of substitutes, provided that, for the purpose of this law, the

Board of Trustees, along with the Local Union shall decide what constitutes a situation.

Sec. 5. The Foreman of any newspaper office must be a member of this Union, and shall

not be subordinate to or responsible to anyone, except the proprietor or manager of said

office and this Union.

Sec. 6. Any Foreman or assistant charged with practicing favoritism, or showing par23

tiality shall, upon conviction of said offense, be fined not less than fifty (50) dollars, or

more than one hundred (100) dollars as the Union may decide. It is to be obligatory on

the part of the Chairman to bring any infringement of this law to the attention of the

Board of Trustees.

Sec. 7. No Foreman shall transfer any regularly employed members of this Union from

the morning to an evening edition, or vise versa, in any office, unless such change has

been assented to the members affected.

Sec. 8. When a steady position is left, it must be filled within ten (10) days.

Rules of Order

Sec. 1. The President shall take the chair at the time appointed for the Union to meet, and

shall immediately call the meeting to order.

Sec. 2. The President shall have the right to decide all questions of order, subject to an

appeal to the Union.

Sec. 3. When a member is called to order, he shall take his seat until the point of order is

decided. When the decision of the President is appealed from, he shall state his decision

and the reasons therefore. The member appealing shall then state his reasons for the

appeal, after which, without further debate, the question shall be put as thus: “Shall the

decision of the chair be sustained?”

Sec. 4. Every member present, when a question is put, shall vote.

Sec. 5. All motions and resolutions must be submitted in writing, if called for by the


Sec. 6. When a motion is made and seconded, it shall be deemed to be in possession of

the Union, and shall be stated by the President, or, being in writing, shall be read by the

Recording Secretary, previous to debate.

Sec. 7. After a motion is stated by the President, or read by the Recording Secretary, it

may be withdrawn by the mover at any time previous to an amendment, or final decision,

by general consent.

Sec. 8. All questions may be put in this form: “As many as are of the opinion (as the case

may be) say Aye; contrary. No”, and in doubtful cases, the President may direct, or any

member shall call for, a division.

Sec. 9. When a member is about to speak on a question, or make a motion, he shall rise

and respectfully address the chair, who shall designate by name or otherwise the member

entitled to the floor, and shall confine himself or herself to the question under


Sec. 10. The previous question shall be put in these words: “Shall the main question be

now put?” And until decided, shall preclude all further amendments or debate of the main

question. When there are pending amendments, the question shall first be taken upon

amendments, in their order, without debate.

Sec. 11. When a motion has once been carried in the affirmative or negative, it shall be in

order for any member who voted in the majority to move for a reconsideration thereof;

provided the motion to reconsider be made within two regular meetings of the Union; but

a motion to reconsider having been put and lost must not be renewed.

Sec. 12. No member shall speak more than twice on any question, nor more than five (5)

minutes at any one time, without permission of the Union.

Sec. 13. A majority of a committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Sec. 14. No motion to amend the minutes by striking out words or sentences shall be

admissible, unless they contain some error of fact.

Sec. 15. To arraign the motives of members of committees of the Union, or to use vile or

degrading language toward them, shall be considered a breach of order.

Sec. 16. A motion to suspend the rules cannot be carried, unless by the concurrence of

two-thirds of the members voting, and shall be decided without debate.

Sec. 17. In the absence of a standing rule covering any point, Robert’s Rules of Order

shall be the guide.

Following the effective date of the transfer and affiliation, the non-administrative

provisions of the Constitution and Bylaws of Local 67, including the current dues

structure, shall be appended to the Constitution and Bylaws of Local 3 and entitled

“Commercial Division 67 Practices.”

Initiation Fees and Dues

Section 1. The Initiation fee for all members upon acceptance into membership in this

local shall be one days pay at the rate he/she is paid at the time of initiation.

Section 2. Each member shall be obligated to pay dues, assessments or other related fees

prescribed for by the membership or laws of this local, monthly, to the Financial


Section 3. Dues and other related monies are payable and due oh the first business day of

the month and must be paid not later than the last business day of the current month at

Union Office between 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M.

Section 4. Any member who is employed by an employer, under contract with this local

in excess of nine (9) working days in any month, shall be obligated to pay dues for that


Section 5. Any member who is absent from employment, due to illness in any month, in

excess of twenty-one (21) days, shall be exempted from payment of dues provided that

the Financial Secretary has been notified in writing.

Section 6. Any member who is laid-off, shall be exempted from payment of one (1)

month dues immediately following the month member was laid-off, provided, member is

not in arrears and month lay-off occurred is paid.

Section 7. Any member laid-off will be carried on the Union unemployment list and will

be required to pay dues and assessments to have continuous membership in good


Section 8. Each member of the local shall be issued a working card or other related

receipt showing date and month being paid for and stamping of same by the Financial


Section 9. Any member who is indebted to the local for dues, fines, assessments or other

liabilities in excess of any amount equivalent to two (2) months dues, will be declared a

suspended member.

Dues and Assessments

Section 1. A general dues increase shall only be levied against the membership of the

local by secret ballot, at a special meeting called for that purpose, and the entire

membership of the local shall be notified at least fifteen (15) days prior to such meeting,

and shall require a plurality of the votes cast of all members present at such meeting.

Section 2. A general assessment may be levied at any regular meeting provided notice

has been given at the previous meeting for the purpose of such assessment. The amount

of the proposed assessment shall not exceed twenty-five (25) cents per member per

month. Proposed assessments exceeding twenty-five (25) cents per member per month

shall be referred to a vote by secret ballot of the entire membership, either at a special

meeting called for that purpose or by referendum vote of the membership. Assessments

voted on by a referendum shall require a plurality of the votes cast. Assessments voted on

at a special meeting held for that purpose, shall require a two-thirds (2/3) vote of all

members present at such a meeting.

Section 3 Effective 12-1-2008 each member shall pay as monthly dues an amount equal

to 2.5 times their hourly rate. Members who participate in the Sunshine Club, Death

Fund and Defense shall also pay, in addition to dues the assessment for those funds.

Effective January 1, 1989, the dues shall be increased Twenty-Five cents ($.25) per

week-per member, on an annual basis.

Any future increases in our international per capita tax will automatically require an

increase in Local dues to cover this cost.

Members shall also pay any increases as approved by the Union.

In cases where a member is not a member of any chapel, he/she shall pay his/her dues

directly to the Secretary-Treasurer.

Supervisors and Foreman as defined by the Labor-Management Act and who are

members will be apportioned according to the rate of the highest classification in their

chapel. Premiums are defined as monies received over and above rates shown

classifications. (Night “rate differential is a premium.)

Reinstatement of Delinquent Members

Section 1. All applications for reinstatement of members suspended for financial

delinquency shall be made to the Board of Directors in writing who are authorized to act

upon such application and reinstate such member only when their indebtedness to the

Union has been paid in full.

Section 2. Application for reinstatement of members suspended or expelled for reasons

other than financial delinquency shall be made in person to the local Board of Directors.

If such application is approved by the Board of Directors, reinstatement of such

suspended or expelled member shall be decided by ballot at any regular meeting of the



Section 1. In order to provide for proper succession, both limit and supply a sufficient

number of competent journeymen to meet the demands of the industry in this jurisdiction,

this local shall institute and maintain an apprenticeship system.

Section 2. The proportion of apprentices shall be in conformity with the apprenticeship

provisions as contained in the contract between the employers and the Local Union.


Members shall not, under any circumstances, participate in a strike unless such strike has

been ordered by a three-fourths (3/4) vote of the membership of those affected and then

only after such strike has been sanctioned by the Board of Directors of the International



Section 1. All Chapels where three or more members are employed shall organize

themselves into a chapel and elect a chapel chairman and vice-chairman whose term of

office shall be fixed by such chapel but in no case exceed two years.

Section 2. Chapel meetings may be called only by the chairman of the chapel or in his

absence by the vice-chairman, but cannot in any case be held during working hours.

Section 3. The Chapel Chairman shall report immediately to the Financial Secretary any

members who are in arrears for dues or assessments, and who refuse to meet their


Section 4. The Chapel Chairman shall report to the President and Board of Directors, in

writing, all complaints or alleged violations of contracts with employers, which he is

unable to satisfactorily, adjust with the foreman. He shall also report any disagreements

or disputes between members of the local, which he is unable to amicably settle and


Section 5. Upon leaving, the Chapel Chairman shall immediately notify the President and

Board of Directors of the severance of his employment.

Section 6. The Vice-Chairman shall perform the duties of Chairman in the absence of the

Chairman, and shall succeed him in case of his resignation until such time as his

successor shall be chosen.

Section 7. Only members in good standing of this local who have complied with all of the

obligations of the local shall be eligible for the position of Chapel Chairman or Vice-Chairman.

Section 8. Only members in good standing of this local shall participate in the nomination

and election of the Chapel Chairman and Vice-chairman.

Section 9. Chairman, Vice-chairman, shall receive such compensation for the

performance of their duties as the Board of Directors deem applicable.

Amendments to the Constitution and Laws

Section 1. No amendment shall ever be had or proposed which has for its object the

change of this local to any form or organization other than that of a voluntary

unincorporated association.

Section 2. All amendments to the Constitution and Laws of this local shall be submitted

in writing to the Local Board of Directors.

Section 3. The adoption of amendments to the Constitution and Laws shall be acted upon

only in the month of October of each year, and shall be by referendum vote when

authorized by the Board of Directors to the membership, which shall require a plurality of

the votes cast.

Section 4. When amendments to the Constitution and Laws are proposed, the Financial

Secretary shall have such amendments printed and send to each member, fifteen (15)

days prior to the referendum vote.

Section 5. All amendments to the Constitution and Laws of this local when voted on, as

herein provided, shall first require the approval of a Labor Attorney before they shall

become effective.

Section 6. No provision of this Constitution and By-Laws shall be suspended